Line Isolations & Weld Testing

The Independent Offshore Services isolation-weld testing process provides superior methods of protecting job sites and personnel by allowing safe welding on hydrocarbon lines.

The Isolation-Test tool will allow hot work on new or existing lines by safely providing a pressurized vapor barrier upstream from hot work, successfully eliminating exposure to any remaining LEL’s. Additionally, potential back pressure in the line is vented off, removing remnant LEL from the workspace. Independent Offshore Services trained technicians continuously monitor our isolations for pressure build-up and seal integrity.  Our technicians’ training, experience, and low-profile lightweight tools allow for easier installation in tight areas with no crane support required – all of which ensure a safer, quicker, more cost-effective application.


Independent Offshore Services’ weld testing process applies a localized hydrostatic weld test on new welds up to 10,000 psi. Our isolation-weld testing tools significantly reduce water utilization and eliminate the blinding required to hydrotest a weld by circumventing the conventional hydrotesting methods, minimizing environmental risk.