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Safety is Our priority

Culture of Safety and Quality

Independent Offshore Services is committed to fostering a culture of safety and quality above all else. We are dedicated to safeguarding our employees by training our team to meet or exceed industry standards beginning the first day and continuing each day forward.

We are driven by a goal of zero injuries and continuous improvement in all aspects, benefitting our customers and building our culture and employees. It is through our Core Values that we strive to integrate sustainable safety and performance programs that will bring us closer to our customers.

Independent Offshore Services follows SEMS II guidelines and provides compulsory hands-on and classroom skills and knowledge training. By prioritizing customer needs, we strive to build the IOS culture into one that improves previous standards and redefines what a service company can do in our industry going forward.

Independent Offshore Services is committed to maintaining a safe and secure workplace for all its employees. Despite implementing measures such as supervision, training, and inspections, unforeseen events can still occur on the worksite, ranging from minor hazards to serious incidents like near-misses and accidents. In response, the company has developed a comprehensive reporting system within our Safety Observation Program that includes Near-Miss and Stop the Job reports, along with a formal incident investigation process that varies based on the event's severity.

Every employee at IOS holds both the authority and responsibility to ensure their own and their colleagues' safety while on the job. They are empowered to stop work immediately if they observe an unsafe act or condition and are accountable for speaking up if they notice any risky behavior. Employees have the right to halt work if they believe that proceeding with the job could endanger themselves or their co-workers, without fear of retaliation.

To ensure that all employees understand the importance of Stop Work Authority (SWA), IOS has included SWA training as a part of every new hire orientation, where it is reiterated at safety meetings. Furthermore, the company has included a Stop Work Authority statement on all its Company Job Safety Analysis (JSA) forms, emphasizing its significance.

IOS continually stresses the importance of SWA, and the company is dedicated to providing employees with the tools and knowledge necessary to ensure their own and their colleagues' safety while on the job. The company's commitment to SWA is part of its ongoing effort to create a safe and secure working environment for all its employees.

To simplify the process, Independent Offshore Services Employs the S.A.F.E.R. System

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