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Independent Offshore Services strives to offer a better way of doing things. Our senior technicians and management team cut its teeth supporting major TAR’s and shut-ins and have an ingrained sense of urgency in all aspects of the offshore environment. Due to this experience, safety, quality, and efficiency are the foundations of all that we do. We can perform most of your tie-in repairs to existing lines with a single, experienced crew saving you time and money.

Using our technology is nonintrusive to the rest of the unit or system, and our equipment and methods result in less down time by eliminating the need to flush out systems and piping prior to hot work activities. By using a more precise hazard-mitigating repair process, we can eliminate the need for pressurized welding enclosures, scaffolding, and other traditional methods that involve higher costs, as well as health and environmental hazards.

Project & Turnaround Services

Bolted Joint Integrity including Hot Bolting arrow-down arrow-up

Independent Offshore Services controlled bolting services are performed by crews of extensively trained technicians utilizing hydraulic torquing, tensioning, manual and hot bolting equipment (including clamps) to ensure each scope is executed in the safest and most efficient method possible.

Our program maintains compliance with ASME PCC-1, assuring that all bolting activities are done in accordance with well-defined industry accepted specifications. Independent Offshore Services’ hot bolting clamps are available in all four-bolt connection sizes, with additional custom sizes available upon request. Independent Offshore Services’ flange management program optimizes the management of mechanical connections, effectively reducing costs on extended and large-scale projects.

Cold Cutting & Beveling arrow-down arrow-up

The Independent Offshore Services cold cutting method provides a 100% spark-free cutting and beveling application, ideal for tie-ins.

Internal piping atmospheric exposure is minimized by the Independent Offshore Services cold cutting process, as the pipe ID is not penetrated until the last moments of cutting. This method also removes the need for lines or systems to be 100% LEL-free, eliminating hot work permits. Our cold cutting machines are ideally designed for low-clearance applications due to minimized tool profiles and quick installation time. With a wide range of machine sizes, Independent Offshore Services is capable of cold cutting large and small-bore piping and vessels, from 1” to 72”.

Line Isolations & Weld Testing arrow-down arrow-up

The Independent Offshore Services isolation-weld testing process provides superior methods of protecting job sites and personnel by allowing safe welding on hydrocarbon lines.

The Isolation-Test tool will allow hot work on new or existing lines by safely providing a pressurized vapor barrier upstream from hot work, successfully eliminating exposure to any remaining LEL’s. Additionally, potential back pressure in the line is vented off, removing remnant LEL from the workspace. Independent Offshore Services trained technicians continuously monitor our isolations for pressure build-up and seal integrity.  Our technicians’ training, experience, and low-profile lightweight tools allow for easier installation in tight areas with no crane support required – all of which ensure a safer, quicker, more cost-effective application.


Independent Offshore Services’ weld testing process applies a localized hydrostatic weld test on new welds up to 10,000 psi. Our isolation-weld testing tools significantly reduce water utilization and eliminate the blinding required to hydrotest a weld by circumventing the conventional hydrotesting methods, minimizing environmental risk.

Field Machining arrow-down arrow-up

Trained and experienced Independent Offshore Services field machining service crews provide on-site repairs, enabling cost-effective modifications on a wide variety of equipment.

Shut-in, project, and emergency repair crews can be quickly mobilized and are cross-trained to handle each of the Independent Offshore Services specialty services without the need to bring out other personnel—significantly reducing risk and costs. Field machining services include flange facing, milling, drilling & tapping, and more.

Certified LOKRING Installation arrow-down arrow-up

Independent Offshore Services technicians are trained and certified for use of Lokring equipment in the installation of Lokring fittings, an alternative to hot-work repairs, effectively eliminating safety hazards associated with welding and grinding.

Our technicians can reliably install Lokring fittings in the field at a rate of roughly 10 times faster than equivalent weld connections, saving time and costs associated with manpower and materials. New fittings can be hydrotested by Independent Offshore Services technicians to comply with ASME B31.3 standards on open connections, meaning no NDT required.

Heat-Treating Services arrow-down arrow-up

Independent Offshore Services offers a variety of heat-treating services that reduce the detrimental effects of welding, while improving and extending asset life.

Highly experienced and cross-trained Independent Offshore Services technicians can cover pre- and post-heat job scopes in conjunction with other Independent Offshore Services specialty services, greatly reducing down-time, mobilization costs, and POB demands associated with additional contractors.

Engineered Solutions arrow-down arrow-up

Independent Offshore Services can provide engineered solutions to meet your specialty mechanical needs.

From one-off tool sizes to completely new service applications, we have the capability to plan, design, and manufacture innovative solutions that meet the evolving demands of our industry.


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